Our Chairperson

Louise Khurshid, is an accomplished journalist, a brilliant writer, a Politician, former M.L.A. and on the Governing Council of Welham Boys School, Dehradun. She has pioneered several ventures and with her passion and zeal, today Delhi World Foundation has 62 schools operational and several to commence in coming days with more than twenty four thousand students enrolled at present.

Mrs Khurshid’s vision is to create well rounded individuals by taking the road less travelled, but a road which is filled with adventure, curiosity & wonder. Emphasis is laid on learning from the environment, combining spiritual philosophies with different subjects in the curriculum.

Dipsites are spread across the globe and share special bonds that do not fade despite years of separation. The uniqueness of the experience of Dipsites is known only to those who have been part of this unique education experience. Generation after generation they have added to the original glory and special feeling that touched them. But as the alma mater grew into a vast empire the natural space that should have opened up for the multitude of Dipsites somehow did not come to fruition. Naturally other attractions and opportunities in life captured the attention of a legion of remarkably talented alumni. Lest they be lost to other causes and associations in life some hard core Dipsites decided to bring them all together as part of the Delhi World Foundation. It is an ambitious, noble, productive experiment to enrich the world with unparalleled knowledge communication: combining the art of learning with access to the best global pedagogues. Excellence in education with a transparent commitment to equity for all, extreme technology combined with the human touch, and above all uniqueness of the teacher taught bond of our experiences, will hopefully set the Foundation apart in contemporary India. We are ‘Dipsites’, We are part of the Dipsite World. We are members of the Delhi World Foundation.

We, the Members of the Delhi World Foundation give to ourselves a Charter of Excellence in Education, Social Service and Advancement of Human Values with a commitment:

  • To bring together all people touched by the Dipsite ethos in a spirit of fellowship and social service.
  • To give meaningful and wholesome expression to the vision of our Dipsites.
  • To work for excellence in education, altruistic service of humanity, enhancement of human values and dignity of all human beings.
  • To pursue scientific thinking, rational social structures imbued with the principle of equal respect and opportunity to all.
  • To secure access to quality education to all and promote the best use of skills for common good of the world in the spirit of creating global citizens rooted in respect for enlightened national aspirations and unique cultural identity.
  • To promote liberal traditions in all field of human endeavor but especially in the field of governance and democratic choice.
  • To strive to counter disease, pain and vulnerability, especially in woman and children.
  • To promote brotherhood and discipline by promotion of various sports activities, including Scouts & Guides and NCC.

For over three quarters of a century the idea envisioned by some visionaries for nurturing enlightened, educationally evolved leaders, for then newly independent India, has flourished and grown in a profound manner. But as often happens, in pursuit of growth, the essence and soul of the idea is lost.

Looking at the remarkable collection of talent, some Dipsites, felt that a larger platform is needed to engage this potential in the core competence of furthering education at all levels

The Delhi World Foundation is conceived to be largely populated by Dipsites in whose definition are included alumni, former teachers, spouses, parents and progeny of alumni. Outstanding and talented non- Dipsites will also be included to add value and infuse fresh ideas.

Our Foundation hopes to be at the forefront of the debate on education and to intervene with comprehensive data and research in educational methods, drawing upon the best endeavours throughout the world. And in the pursuit of excellence and equity we will also establish schools.

We cannot but recall Gurudev Rabindra Nath Tagore’s famous poem:

“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high………

For Dipsites of the 1960s and 70s these immortal words still ring in the ear in the voice of late Principal Din Dayal who read them to the School Assembly innumerable times. We also recall the words of Dr Zakir Husain: ‘Every time a child is born, hope is born afresh in the world of the mother’. This too is the birth of Hope.